10mm 1000x100mm AAA Grade Balsa Sheet


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Balsa is sourced from trees grown in from Papa New Guinea, processed in professional specialized kilns and microCut to very high tolerances, then hand picked and selected to bring out the best sheets that have superior grain, finish, and quality, and most importantly very lightweight.

Balsa wood has a pale off-white to light pinkish colour, and the wood is so soft that it can be marked with a fingernail. The sheets have a fine, silky texture and have a distinctive velvety feel to the touch.

The Density of our Balsa sheets various from 80-160kg/m3 .
The Extremely Low Density Sheets of 80-120 kg/m3 are very soft flexible and ultra lightweight. These are good where weight is critical. These are ideal for making skins and sheetings.

The Standard Density sheets are of 120-160 kg/m3 that are lightweight, and strong, and are for making fuselage sides and bottom, or for cutting out wing ribs.


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